Where Does He Get Those Wonderful.....Boots?
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MeFi Shoe Shoppers! Report to Aisle 12 and help me find these boots!

I found a pair of boots that I am unfortunately obsessing over. I snapped this photo while wandering around Target looking at jeans. It's from their in-store jeans display.

My first thought was Red Wing, but these seem to have an almost Doc Marten sole.

I thought about emailing Target, but figured I would get the corporate-speak for "We have no idea".

Next, I headed over to Zappos, which has been my Go To place for shoes.

I found the Frye Dakota Mid Lace and the Red Wing Heritage Classic and it seems to be a combination of the two when it comes to sole type and side stitching.

Anyone have any other ideas? Look familiar? Are they some sort of mythological creature created in Target's photoshop?

I want a brand that is built to last a good long time; I've had a pair of Caterpillar steel toe boots for over 15 years and love that they've lasted so long.

Thank you for your help and happy hunting!
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Your pic isn't working for me.
posted by brainmouse at 10:39 AM on April 2, 2012

You saw these in Target? Did you check to see if they were sold at Target?
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@brainmouse: I'll try to get another small version posted here in a second. Sorry!

@OmieWise: Yeppers. I checked the store and the website to no avail. You'd think that would be the easy answer, right? :)
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Here's the above photo, hosted on my own site. Perhaps IMGUR didn't like it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Worked for me. I just saw a very similar pair at J. Crew yesterday on sale.
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I don't think either of your examples works because they are all leather boots. The boots in the photo are leather and canvas. Basically the boot is leather and canvas with a moc-toe and a lug sole. A bunch of related boots come up on Google using that as a search (leather canvas lug sole moc) and you can refine it further.
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That doesn't look like canvas to me, it looks like suede, but I'm hardly an expert.

It's not Doc Marten - their soles all have (I'm pretty sure) ridges in them. Sadly, I don't have any suggestions for who makes these though.
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Okay, I officially give up. I have been scouring the innernets for, literally, over an hour. They are decidedly moc toe (6"?) lug sole boots. But no matter how hard I try or where I search I cannot find the exact boots in question.

Refer to this image search for a variety of such boots -- who knows, one might strike your fancy just as much!
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Thanks to everyone who answered, I appreciate it!
I didn't want to play Stump The Internet, but I guess it's happened. To a degree.
We figured out what the heck they were called and that will help in the future, should I start obsessing again.
Should they remain hidden, I shall probably plunk down the cash and get the Frye's or Red Wings mentioned above.

Thank you again to everyone!
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Still can't find those, but here are some similar that are closer to $100 than $200-$300:

Moc Steady
Lumber Up
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Just as a nerdy note, Red Wings generally have triple stitching where most boots would have double. That'll help you quickly rule them in or out in the future.
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