How to clean a foam mattress topper?
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How to clean a foam mattress topper?

I'm going to be moving soon and selling my bed (wooden frame, mattress, box spring, and potentially a memory foam mattress topper). The problem is that over the years the foam topper has become sort of gross - no stains, but there's a lot of lint, hairs, etc. Functionally, it works just fine (and I think it makes the mattress much more comfy), but I'd be reluctant to try and sell it in this condition. Is there any way to clean an item like this?
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if it's just hair and lint you can take one of those pet hair removal brushes to it.

Or go old school on it with a piece of packing tape. Just place the sticky side down on the pad and remove. Repeat as necessary.
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How about vacuuming it?
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Best answer: First vacuum it.

Then pick a day that's going to be warm and sunny, put a solution of diluted white vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it down really well, and then put it outside in the sun to dry.
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Best answer: Vacuum and tape, for sure.

Check that the vinegar/sun combo won't degrade the foam cells before doing that part.
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