What's this plant with yellow blossoms?
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What's this shrub-like plant with yellow blooms?

It's deciduous and has been in bloom here in Washington DC for about two weeks. The plant seems happy to be supported with ties against the fence - left on its own it would flop over. We bought it at the plant sale at the Franciscan Monastery a few years ago, but have lost track of any label it might have had.
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Best answer: Kerria?
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Response by poster: I guess it is Kerria - the first images I saw had a differently shaped blossom but this japonica blossom looks like ours. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Perhaps we have the "Pleniflora" cultivar.
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Yeah, sorry, bad picture. My comp's playing stupid games tonight & that's not the one I thought I was posting. But I've sold kerrias that look exactly like your pictures (minus the sticks ;) ), & I'm pretty sure that's what you've got.
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