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What is the best text-editor/document writing type software (or best tips if using MS Word) to use when making annotations beside the text, rather than foot or end notes?
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Go to the Review Tab > New Comment to add a comment to the selected text in MS Word 2007 or 2010. Insert > Comment if using Word 2003 or older.
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TeX/LaTeX is an editor-agnostic typesetting system that is incredibly powerful. It is free. Files are plain text so that they can be easily moved from Windows-based PCs to Macs to Linux systems.

To write a note in the margins using LaTeX, one would simply type:

\marginpar{Whatever text we want to have in the margin ... it could include pictures!)

Lyx is an editor that is designed to use LaTeX as a backend which may make it a bit easier to get started with ... but I'd recommend LaTeX.

BTW, to add a footnote in LaTeX, one writes

\footnote{Whatever text we want...}.

TeX/LaTeX files get processed and result in pdf documents (other formats are available).
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