Grumpy architect insults?
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If you were a grumpy architect slinging insults at sandcastles, what would you say?

I'm making a video game where a grumpy retired architect (now: fisherman) is stomping on SandCastles out of rage for their poor architectural design.

These sandcastles happen to be the houses of crabs.

I know, very obvious and straight-forward!

As the architect stomps on the sandcastles, he shouts out phrases. I want to make sure these phrases accurately match proper castle architectural terminology!

Some (poor) examples I have so far:

- "A gothic arch with circadean parapets? I never!"
- "Flags on battlements? Preposterous!"
- "I stormed that castle's postern gate!"
- "Next time, reinforce those battlements!"
- "I plum levelled that one!"
- "I kicked its flying buttress!"

Hit me!
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"I just cast the moat and the beam out of this dump... aye"
That's admittedly a bit of a stretch, but what's wrong with kicking its flying buttress? that's pretty good.
equally bad ones then:
"Where's your goth now, huh?"
"You're parape-thetic."
"No you barbican't... can you?!"
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Curtain wall? It's curtains for you, wall!
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Pathetic! It's like you're made of sand!
I've stomped ant hills more impressive than this!
Your moat is moot!
My kingdom for a properly wide plinth!
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More like Frank Lloyd Wrong!
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"Pedestrian!" is always a good one.
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I'll ram part of you!
Keep this!
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"How dare you remain standing without benefit of my genius?!?"

"I've torn down better buildings than this!"

(And of course, Billy Crystal would say in the background, "Have fun storming the castle!")
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Very Mies ... Mies van der Ruh-Rohe!
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How castle-like are these sand castles?

'You'll have to keep trying!'

Something involving slighting, which I am not clever enough to come up with.

'These salients are irrelevant!'

see also: star fort, or trace italienne
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See ya later, crenelator!
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Less is more!
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Your dungeon is done, John.

I've seen better fortified wine than this castle!

What an utter gothic horrorshow.
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