I gotta get serious about my sports shorts.
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Can you recommend women's exercise shorts with pockets and no built-in underwear (what?!) and no tight elastic waist? My gym just busted me for wearing non-exercise shorts, since apparently there's a no-back-pocket-button rule.

Last night while I was working out, I was informed by an eager new staff member that it was against gym regulation to wear shorts with buttons on the back and that she'd kick me out next time if I wore them again. I've happily been wearing these shorts for over a year to my gym, but I guess it's time to get new ones.

What I've been wearing have been everyday Unionbay shorts similar to these.

My ideal gym shorts would be shortish ones that aren't moulded to my body, don't have built-in underwear (seriously didn't even know this was a thing until today's futile shopping), have at least one but ideally two front pockets, and aren't crinkly fabric but aren't fuzzy sweatpant fabric either. I don't like tight elastic at the waistband - I prefer a drawstring adjustable. And, obviously, no buttons on the back.

My Walmart has these, which didn't look too tight at the waist, but had no pockets. And I would really prefer a drawstring. But otherwise they look about right. They have these, too, but they're longer than my ideal and felt like they'd be slightly warmer than I'd like.

I'd prefer to keep them at $20 or less, but if there's an amazing option that's a little more, I could be convinced.

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Have you considered removing the buttons from the back of the shorts you currently favor?
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Yeah, just cut the buttons off the back of the shorts you have now.
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Do you live near a Dick's Sporting Goods? I went to go buy some shorts and was overwhelmed at the selection they had. It seriously took me over an hour to pick out some damn shorts and I ended up paying about $20 for mine. I didn't even see any shorts with built in underwear (didn't know that was a thing). They have some expensive stuff but they have reasonable priced items as well.
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Wait. Huh? I admit, I'm not a member of a gym, and I'm old and out of touch, but what? What's the problem with back buttons?
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I have good luck with workout clothes at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Lots of shorts there.
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Wait. Huh? I admit, I'm not a member of a gym, and I'm old and out of touch, but what? What's the problem with back buttons?

They can puncture or otherwise damage the seats on some equipment.
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Best answer: Target has the best options I've seen; check out the C9 by Champion line. And actually, all of their Champion shorts are great; my husband and I have many pairs of basketball-length ones that we wear around the house, to the gym, etc.
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These have pockets. It doesn't appear they have the liner. Just a tip, you'll probably have to look for shorts not marketed as women's "running shorts." I find that 99% of the time they have a panty, and usually no pockets.

Look for soccer, basketball, or tennis shorts, and if you're small enough, look at kids' clothes. Sometimes I can wear men's XS or S and there are way more pockets in shorts for dudes.
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Title Nine might have what you need.

I've been wearing Lands' End Sport Knits, which DO have an elastic waist, but I've never found them constricting.
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Yeah, look for tennis shorts rather than running shorts, as they will usually have decent-sized side pockets (the male version anyway - never shopped for female tennis shorts). Also, you can easily cut the built-in underwear out of running shorts or just save yourself some money and cut the buttons off your existing shorts if that really is the only problem.
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I just cut the panty out of the running shorts I buy. Presto! Regular work-out shorts. So if you find a pair you like otherwise, just get out the scissors.
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Response by poster: I did think about removing the buttons, but (from previous experience) the threading through the buttons on Unionbay shorts is so thick that it leaves four little holes, and I am already so tough on my gym shorts that I think that's just an invitation to have them tear.
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Seconding the Champion stuff from Target. It even comes in my size, which is basically... well, awesome.
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If you are worried about tearing, you can always take materiel from an item you no longer need and make a patch.
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Don't futz with taking off the buttons, patching them with a hole, or somehow other retrofitting the denim shorts into better gym attire.

You've been going to the gym for (at least) a year! Time to celebrate by buying some great shorts, socks, and shirt!

Target definitely has a bunch of options. Hiking shorts might be a good option for you too. It would be easy to snip the thread on shorts like this, and they're better than jean shorts against sweaty bodies. These Patagonia shorts have some elastic at the waist, but they're mostly held up with the drawstring tie. They're out of your price range but it might give you an idea. These REI shorts are really comfortable and 20% off right now. They have a lining but I cut them out all the time.

Athleta has some good options too. They often have sales and coupons.
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Just so you know, you can just cut out the annoying underwear part.
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Nthing the Champion clothing from Target. I have several of their items - shorts and tops - and love them all.
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men's shorts are usually very comfortable (often more than women's) and fit easily with a drawstring. Or even boys', if you're very small. I wear men's basketball shorts for all the sports I play.
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