Seattle-area Mobiles R Us?
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Where in Seattle-ish can I buy a hanging mobile?

I want to buy a mobile to hang in my stairway. I need to get it ASAP (while the painters with tall ladders are there). Where in the Seattle area should I go?

I'm imagining something plexiglass or glass, as it'll be in front of a window. Colorful but not a nursery mobile. Long, not wide.

I don't have the budget for custom work, nor the time to make it myself.
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It's going to be tricky to find something you like on short notice. You might have some luck at Pike Place Market or the Seattle Art Museum gift shop.
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I was going to suggest that strip of furniture and design stores in Belltown.
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There's a place on Western at like Lenora that I've seen them hanging out in front of.
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Try Click by Design in West Seattle. They have great stuff!
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Check out the SAM museum shop on 1st Ave.
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Call and ask The Seattle Design Center.

Call Seattle's Ten Thousand Villages. They usually have a couple of mobiles.

Look for a mobile on Sometimes you can get very nice handmade things at low prices.

Good luck.
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