Fun team event in NYC?
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What fun event in Manhattan can I dream up for my project team? Must be April 4th, and around $100 / person .

I'd like to come up with a fun team event for my project team this wednesday night (only night which works for the whole team). I could just do a team dinner, but am looking for something more interesting - we've all worked really hard this last couple months, and I'd like to show appreciation with something more than a meal. Theres 10 of us, and, unfortunately, I do have a budget, about $100-120 per person.
I dont want to do the theatre or anything, as that's not really a team-building thing. We could go bowling, but...
Some ideas that I liked, but cant make work based on what I know (if you have alternatives for these ideas, I'd love to hear) are:
- cooking class (where we all eat what we cook) - but this was more like $250 per person
- Wine Tasting (with apps served)- but this Bostonian cant find a location that would do this for 10 people

Mefi New Yorkers, please help me do something nice for my project team! Specific locations or venues would be ideal...
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Watson Adventures runs scavenger hunts in museums and other locations in New York - not sure whether you could arrange a private hunt on such short notice, but there may be a group one you can join.

There's also the NY Trapeze school - probably great for teamwork and trust-building
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If you skip the seven-course Anthony Bourdain stuff, Sur La Table's new cooking school classes are less than $100 a person and there's a different one every Wednesday evening. April 4th is Thai Cooking 101!

I walk by every evening, and people look like they're having tons of fun in there.
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Also check out a wine tasting course that Skillshare is offering - Practical Wine Tasting (Introductory Reds).
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MY UGA and I once had a 15-minute massage roundtable for floormates. Hiring a masseuse for two hours pretty inexpensive. In addition, we made fruit smoothies and tasty appetizers for our 'Zen' night.
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Even in NYC you can drink a lot of beer for $100. Pub night?
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Perhaps your crowd is up for some foraging in Central Park with "Wildman" Steve Brill.
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Private room karaoke? ($8 per person per hour, drinks and food extra.)
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