Easter brunch in Edinburgh?
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We want to have Easter brunch in Edinburgh this year. Where to go?

Hi, all. Need your MeFi travelers' wisdom! We want to have Easter Brunch in Edinburgh this year. Where should we go? Ideally, it should be 1) family friendly, 2) good quality 3) have parking options. I don't mind paying for quality, but I don't want any place very stuffy where children might not be welcome. Anyone have ideas? Because of the kids, a buffet is always welcome (variety and no waiting) but isn't a must.
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If you're from out of town then city centre parking might occupy a lot of your time. Here is a reasonably up to date list of places, it includes a child friendly category List guide. NB the list includes Glasgow as well as Edinburgh.
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Ahh, setting your location to Edinburgh make it a bit more sensible.
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I had Sunday brunch in Hamilton's a few weekends ago and it was pretty good. It's a kind of bar-cum-restaurant and there were other people there with kids although depending on their age I'd call ahead if you need a highchair or anything. You can park on the Circus Place/Kerr Street for free on Sundays.

I also like Spoon but I've never been there for brunch. Think parking in the (normally metered) bays on Chambers' Street is free on Sunday.

Loudon's is more healthy/organic and definitely child friendly. Free parking would be harder there but it is within 5-10 mins' walk of the car parks in Castle Terrace or Riego Street.

I don't really know of anywhere that does a buffet brunch but I really hope someone else does!
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I did see epo's list earlier and even was able to isolate it to places with brunch in Edinburgh, but it didn't give me feedback or any sense of whether the places were any good... Would love to have more personal feedback.

Thanks, epo!

Thanks, Neil!

Anymore first-hand advice?
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For better parking I suggest driving an extra 10 minutes down the hill to Leith, the Shore bar & restaurant is really good and they have a childrens menu.
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The List guide tends to be the good places, seconding Leith BTW. If you don't mind slightly scuzzy then Wetherspoons are decent value and a reasonable standard, I'm sure most have children's rooms (they are pubs) as they list a children's menu.
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Looking at places in Leith... I'm intrigued by Wetherspoons... Are they pubs? Are they restaurants? Are kids allowed?
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Wetherspoons are chain pubs which serve food. I tend to think of them as the pub equivalent of Starbucks; a reasonable if slightly soulless facsimile of the real thing with the advantage that they are the same everywhere so you know what you're going to get and that the quality of it will be OK. Kids are definitely allowed during the day.

The Standing Order on George Street is a Wetherspoons and it's in a lovely old building which used to be a bank. The only one I can think of in Leith is The Foot of the Walk and I would steer clear of it. The Granary on the Shore in Leith is supposed to be nice.
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If you're happy with chain pub food, the Brewers Fayre in Newhaven (the western end of Leith) has a soft play area, and is next to a beautiful harbour for boat-spotting. Food's not amazing, but it's definitely geared towards families. There's also a Prezzo pizza there which is always full of kids (but I guess more lunch than brunch) and a Loch Fyne (ditto). Victoria Park is just up the hill with lots of climbing frames etc for different ages.
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Two fantastic places for brunch:

Toast in Marchmont - the full English/Scottish breakfast comes with these amazing home-made baked beans. You can probably find a pay-and-display parking space on one of the streets off Marchmont road).

Loopy Lorna's have great tea and cakes in addition to lunch stuff (park on Newbattle Terrace).
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There's a Wetherspoons in the Omni centre at the head of Leith Walk which is full of office workers and John Lewis shoppers. The one at the foot of the Walk is a bit rough in the evenings but lunchtimes are OK. A few other restaurants in that centre too, including (my memories are not current) a serve yourself buffet-style Chinese.
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We ended up going here for Easter lunch and were pleased. It better fit our location on that day. We could walk there and dispense with the parking problem. BUT I'm marking this as resolved and marking Wetherspoons as the best answer because the whole family loved it! Thanks for this great tip!
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