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Help save a shirt that got all weird after Rit Color Remover

I pinked a shirt in the wash with another item, and used a dilute Rit Color Remover solution for only seconds to get the pink out. It came out, and some of the dye on the rest of the fabric continues to come out as well, and the fabric feels all wrong now; it seems to have a residue to it. It's been through multiple hand washings with vinegar and salt in the warmest tolerable water, still all weird.

Rit Color Remover is sodium hydrosulfite and sodium carbonate, manufacturer says no neutralizing needed after a few rinses, which is obviously not the case here. What will fully dissolve and neutralize whatever residue that's clinging to the fabric?
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...what kind of fabric is it?
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100% cotton
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Sounds like it's all full of salt and vinegar...throw it in the regular wash, but just use plain water, no detergent.
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I'm in Canada; we have Tintex and Dylon, not Rit, but, lots of experience with colour remover from non-Rit brands, and I'd bet on sexyrobot; I think you've simply salted your shirt. (At first I thought you might have done this at a simmer on the stove and partially melted a cheap synthetic.) I have never experienced any sort of residue from dye remover products. (Why'd you do the salt?) Good rinse as stated, then wash with your usual soap & softener.

If you do this a lot -- there are these things on the US market; Color Grabber -- and dye remover will almost always attack the original colour (esp on non-synthetics); you can try Carbona Color Run Remover if it happens again. Of course if your shirt colour is now unappealing, back to the store for more dye remover, do it strictly according to package directions, and re-dye to the original colour (this is easier as you don't have to worry about finding out the threads are polyester and won't play well with the remover or co-operate with the dye).
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I'm pretty sure this isn't just that I have a salty shirt- it was like this before salt and vinegar treatment and I followed those with mild detergent to get them out, I was just pointing out that I've tried something other than detergent.
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some of the dye on the rest of the fabric continues to come out as well

Do you normally hand-wash this shirt? I do a lot of hand-washing and I notice items that continue to bleed a bit of color, especially if I let them soak for several hours. But I've also put the same items in the washer and no color has bled out to other clothing. My point is, it is more noticeable that the color is bleeding when you hand wash but that it doesn't noticeably affect the rest of the clothing when you put it in the washer.
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