Help Me Protect My Gratuitously Expensive Phone
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I need a slim iPhone holster, and I can't find one for the iPhone4.

I had an awesome holster for my iPhone 3. I got it at Fry's and it had a slim holster-clip, not one you pinched to put on, but you could just slide it over your belt or the top of your pants. I seem to remember it was brown leather-like material on the outside, and the inside was striped: pink, green, and orange, among other colors. It was a vertical clip, and there was a little enameled logo on it that reminded me of the swiss army logo (but I think this one was white/cream). I can't remember the brand, and I can't find anything for my iPhone 4 that is comparable. All the holsters I've seen are bulky, with giant plastic clips that stick out and are uncomfortable.

Have you got an awesome holster with a slender clip? Tell me what brand you have!

If you don't have a holster, but have a skinny case you love I'd like to hear about that, too. I've almost given up on finding a good holster.
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I like my Reveal. Skinny, sexy, but still grippy.
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Do you want your phone (not the clip) to sit vertically or horizontally?
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Sena might have something for you:
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I use a small camera case that fits on my belt. It's a LowePro Rezo 30.
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Actually, I should add that I've bought this one 3 times - for an iPod touch, iPhone 3GS and most recently the 4S. Highly recommended.
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I bought this from the Apple Store and I really would not recommend it. Within a few weeks the colour had chipped off and then a few weeks later one of the corners snapped off.

It looks great, is lightweight and can go into a dock without the case needing to be removed but is, sadly, way too fragile considering how carefully I look after my phone.
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