Where does protest live online (I'm not Putin, honest)
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I am an English speaker learning Russian. I am also interested in the recent protest movements in and around Moscow. Where are the forums/twitter accounts/facebook accounts/blogs where opinions are being formed? They will be used as a resource in learning the language and understanding contemporary russian politics.
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Best answer: Most of Russian independent "blogging" happens on (brace yourself) LiveJournal (i.e., ЖЖ). This ranges from polemics to vitriolic arguments to community organizing to people reporting corruption, intimidation, graft, and malfeasance. The only LJ user I read regularly is Avva, who is a Google employee in Israel who occasionally also links to posts about contemporary Russia. You could generate a list of Russian "eyewitness" bloggers by skimming Avva's archives from the last few months.
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I read http://kashin.livejournal.com/
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It's not the best, but install Chrome, and go to Livejournal. Just to their main front page. A bunch of Russian posts will be there, and Chrome should ask you if you want to translate them. Say 'yes', and go to town.
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I came here to say what Nomyte said. Also, Anatoly (Avva) has a consistently sensible perspective, which (it seems to me) is even rarer in the Russian blogosphere than it is in the English-speaking one.
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Best answer: The US ambassador to Russia, Mike McFaul, is well connected to the Russian democracy and protest scene and has a livejournal blog that's often in English and Russian, and his twitter feed has gotten pretty interesting lately.
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Best answer: A good friend who is from Russia says the following:
I don't have an MF account, but probably 90% of people in the
opposition have posted an article or have an interview up on
http://www.echo.msk.ru/. If there IS a center of opposition
information dissemination, this is it. Russian only. You can get to
most of the LJ blogs from there as well.
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