Long-term car parking in Chicago?
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I'm leaving the country for three months. Where do I store my car in Chicago during that time? Graduate student, so the cheaper the better...
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Got anybody who'd let you park it in their driveway? Maybe in exchange for letting them use it when their own car is in the shop.....
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Might be worth leaving the keys with someone as well. I left a car for 2+ months (with a new battery) in a covered, secured garage and struggled to get it started when I got back. My Dad's advice is to start it every month or two.

I suggest asking someone in your lab (or in your broader grad school cohort, if necessary) to do it. Offer them $40 and a plate of cookies. Alternately, ask your advisor if your trip is related in any way to your studies.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately most of the people I trust are also out of the country during the summer, including all three of my advisors... but I suppose I will keep asking around...
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Do you have anyone who could take the car, even if they're fairly far away? When you return to the country, you could stop at the airport closest to them, then have a bit of a road trip home!
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What xingcat recommends is what I do. I go abroad every summer and have to store my car - lately, I've just driven it to my mother's place. She can start it every now and again so the battery stays charged, and I get a chance to see her before and after my trip. I used to leave it at my apartment (we had off-street parking) but with no one in town who could drive stick, this turned out to not be the greatest solution - hence the change in plans.
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