Mattresses in New York?
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Help me find a new mattress and box spring in New York!

Does anyone have a good lead on a non-sleazy, non-ripoff company that sells mattresses and box springs (new, not used) that can deliver to Brooklyn?

I've been to Sleepy's, "1-800-Mattress The Store", JC Penney and Macy's, and right now it seems like I may be forced to choose based on which seems the least evil of the bunch. They all suck! Is there a Shangri-la of New York mattress shopping I haven't heard of? A warehouse in the Bronx, overflowing with cheap mattresses, or something like that?

Extra credit: Why the hell are beds so overpriced? And why are mattress stores so sleazy? It's worse than shopping for a used car, and possibly more expensive too.
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I hear ya, mattress shopping is hell. I went to Sleepy's and let some guy with a ponytail yammer on and on....forget it. I ended up buying from a small family (mob?) run place in Astoria, Queens on Steinway Street (take the RVG to Steinway). They named the (very reasonable) price, I said OK, they delivered to my house. No drama.
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Cheap it ain't, but I'm still sleeping on a foam mattress that's over 20 years old. I'm pretty sure it was originally purchased by my parents from these folks:
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Buy the Mybed from the Sofitel hotels, maybe? Not cheap, but gooood, and available online.
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Ikea sells beds and mattresses for something like 25% the price of other places. The one in Elizabeth isn't hard to get to.

I just picked up a Leksvik queen bed from them for $350 - it's a kind of rudimentary sleigh bed - and I'm very happy with it, although the 6 hour assembly was sort of a drag. If you have any friends I imagine it could go much faster.

The Ikea mattresses are softer than I like so I picked up a Sealy, but man, my wallet complained.
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Yes, mattress companies all suck.

That said, here's the trick- Mattress companies sell the same bed to different retailers under different names. Go to your neighborhood Sleepy's, and find a bed you like that's a bit out of your range. Call 1-800-MATTRESS and ask for their equivalent model- they should give you something at a better price. Go back to Sleepy's with their offer, see if they'll beat it.

Or, if you've got patience, try Craigslist. People sell beds all the time because they're moving out of the city, and a reasonably new 2nd-hand bed can be a bargain.

That said, I may actually have a spare (full-sized) bed to sell- I've been trying to talk my g/f into getting rid of it since she moved in. I'll email you...
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