Best Broadband Provider?
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I just cancelled Roadrunner internet access, and I need help finding another ISP.

We had to cancel Roadrunner because they didn't want to give us phone support when it stopped working and said they were going to send somebody over in five days.

This is a vacation home in Mission, TX, which we use quite a lot, and usually take a laptop with WiFi. My parents are the ones who will use it most, and ideally, they should be able to just turn the laptop on and be connected automatically.

What we need is something reliable, with good phone support, that can support wireless access, not dialup because we have only one line and of course, cheap would be nice.

We're willing to switch phone providers if necessary, as long as we can keep the same number.
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What do you mean by "support wireless access?" You want an ISP that lets you connect via 802.11?
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Basically, yes. I need a modem that I can connect to via 802.11.

Sorry if I'm not explicit enough, I just don't know much about this.
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I think what you're requesting is an ISP that will set up a 802.11 access point for you (in your home) so you don't have to do it yourself. I know that around here (Boston) the major cable internet providers will do this for some high-ish price (Comcast, Verizon, and RCN are the biggies).
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I'm pretty content with Speakeasy and their phone, web-based, and mail-based support. My Covad-based RADSL line has been very reliable, although they've overcommitted the network in my region so it's not always possible to get the maximum (ridiculously high) throughput the line is capable of.

They'll give you a DSL bridge -- sounds like you'll want to invest in an inexpensive wireless "router" NAT device to plug in to that. One of the better cheap devices for this purpose out there is the Linksys WRT56G, which is easily available retail.

See if these folks can cover your area.
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Thanks to everyone, but I guess I didn't phrase the question well. My biggest problem is that I don't know which company to call since I don't live in the U.S. and have no idea about ISPs.

When asking the question I made a big deal about the wireless part when my real question was about which ISPs I could call. The worst part is that my parents will be there tomorrow and have asked me to tell them where to call, and I have absolutely no idea.

Thanks again and sorry for not being clear on my problem.
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You want to readBroadband Reports.

Though I usually recommend Speakeasy as above. They don't seem to be the cheapest, but excellent terms and support with reasonable prices.
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Here's a site that comapres ISPs.
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Here's a site that compares ISPs.
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