Help identifying an Impressionist painting
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Need help identifying an Impressionist painting.

I once came across a painting depicting a young woman dressed in dark, vaguely upper class clothing walking by a post (a lamppost, I believe) surrounded by flowers. It's possible that the weather was windy and rather gray. The painting was stylistically impressionist, or something very similar to this untrained observer. Unfortunately, these are the only details I remember.
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Do you recall where you saw this painting? Museum? Local gallery? Art history book? If no one recognizes the painting from the description, knowing where you saw it could at least help narrow down some options.
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I saw it on an internet messageboard (Bridge 9, "B9") in a thread about posters' favorite artwork.
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no flowers but ... could it be caillebotte
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No lamppost, but a parasol: Monet, Woman with a Parasol
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Jean Beraud has several paintings of women on paris streets on windy days.
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Boston Common at Twilight, Childe Hassam?
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Another Hassam, with lamp, women flowers plus grey weather ... If this is the right style, the site has a chronology of Hassam paintings.

Or I think it might by this Hassam painting, woman is in dark clothes, light behind, surrounded by flowers.
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Thanks all, and thanks for the introduction to Hassam. Unfortunately, it is none of the above paintings. The setting is decidedly not urban. The woman, so far as I can recall, is alone or (less likely) accompanied by a small child.
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A Renoir sort of fitting the description. No post and bright weather, though.

Of what's been linked so far (or of any other artist you know), do you see something of a similar style? Is it messier, like the renoir, or smoother, like the Hassam?
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Renoir was a big fan of ladies in dark dresses with umbrellas. Manet too.
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You could give WikiPaintings a try -- it's got keyword search and a great image browser. If the painting is at all famous, there's a good chance it's in there.
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It does sound like Monet or Renoir or even Manet. The possible lamppost in a flower field throws me off, but could it be this painting by Monet? He's done series of paintings of this theme as well since you mention windy.
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