How do I change the location setting for Google search?
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How do I change the location setting for Google search?

I've relocated to another location and would like to change the nearby or location feature for web search in Google.

Thanks for your help!
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Clearing your cookies and clearing your cache should do it.
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I see a location listed on the left side of the page, with a link underneath saying 'Change location'. maybe you have to be logged into a Google account to see it?
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Be advised that if you're on a corporate network or vpn type set up google will default to where the server is. Used to drive me batty working at a Canadian company but located in the states. Clearing cookies would not fix it either.
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Another useful location-based hack for Google Search is to use the URL , which doesn't use the country recognition features.
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I have done this, from Canada because our location shows up a few blocks away from the actual location, based on a postal code at the university, I think (goes to the mail sorting room??). You click on the thing that says you own the business, then follow the steps to edit, and submit edits.

They then want confirmation (via US cell phone) and you bang your head on the table.

Then you see that they will send you a postcard, so you sign up for that and after a long wait it arrives with a code to correct it.

I have found this to be imperfect, and our location has slid back to the original spot sometimes.
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You can temporarily change the location searched by adding "near 10025" or "near H2Y 7M5" or whatever.
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