Vegan Swedish Hasbeen Sandals: A myth?
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Is there a non-leather version of these?

I love, love, love Swedish Hasbeens! But I do not buy leather.

I am looking for some trendy wooden-heeled vegan sandals.

They do not necessarily have to be from an eco-friendly company - they just can't be made with leather or suede. I would like a low-medium heel - nothing too high. And preferrably in black, brown, tan, navy or red.

Some more examples of what I like:

BC Footwear
Ecote again
Korkease (although I am looking for wood more than cork)

I am not really looking for general "vegetarian shoe store" recommendations, having perused Alternative Outfitters, Mooshoes, and Vegetarian Shoes for something at all similar to the linked examples.

Anybody? Is this a lost cause?
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Best answer: A slightly different style, but one that includes the "wooden sole" and "woven" aspects of the SHB model you like as well as being leather-free, is offered by Mohop, a handcrafted shoe company in the US.
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(ms. Veg)

You might like mohops. I don't know how to do links, but she has a website and an etsy shop. I have two pairs and love them.
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Best answer: The Bianca seems close — almost. That store specializes in vegan shoes and chocolate, kind of an odd mix, so they seem to know their stuff enough that I'd send them an email and ask.
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Response by poster: Both of these suggestions are great! Thank you!
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Best answer: None of these are quite right, I know, but I found a few similar styles:


Or these?


crepe soled, instead of wood

with bows!

closest match!!, but in the UK, so shipping might be expensive
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