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LongShotFilter: I'm looking for some recipes in a 2011 issue of Canadian House & Home...I think.

A family member wants me to recreate a dinner I made last year, but I've lost the magazine I got the recipes from. I'm 95% sure it was Canadian House & Home and would have been from sometime in Spring 2011. The menu in the magazine was grilled lamb chops, fresh mint sauce, potatoes dauphinoise, and I think a pea/mint dish (could be wrong about that last one).

I've looked at the back issues on the Canadian House & Home website and can't tell from the tables of contents which issue it was. I've also searched their site recipe section and come up empty. I'm generally pretty good at Googling, but can't find it there either. No reply to my email to the magazine.

I've tried other fresh mint sauce recipes and they want this one! I'd even be happy to find out I'm remembering the wrong magazine entirely and need to look elsewhere. I do know it wasn't a US mag. Thanks!
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Just flipped through House & Home from Jan-June 2011 and couldn't find what you were looking for. Also took a look through Style at Home and couldn't find anything.
Could the recipe have been from Chatelaine?
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Here's an article suggesting that recipes like this would potentially appear in "the Spring 2011 Issue of Canadian House and Home Magazine."
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The food editor's blog suggests that the story about the trip where she learned these recipes appeared in the May 2011 issue (maybe as part of their "new" Food and Entertaining section). I can't confirm this from the description of the May 2011 (although "More From Amy Rosen's Trip To Cotswolds" is one of the stories), but you could start there.
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Oooh, I think we are on the right track. Meesha, could I trouble you to check the May 2011 issue for the article abut the Cotswolds? (and a huge thank you for flipping through all those issues in the first place). I will order a back copy from H&H, but want to be sure I'm picking the right one. Thank you, Betelgeuse! I bow down to your Google skilz.
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Ah ha, found it! I was looking under "Food" and not "Cooking", whoops. Memail me if you want those recipes typed out, or I can scan the pages you need.
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If meesha isn't able to get it for you, I contacted my friend who does food styling and recipe development for Canadian House & Home. He actually did the styling on the piece and says he can pull the recipes from a file at his agency. Memail me if you want me to ask him to do that. I LOVE their recipes!
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Oh my gosh, you guys ROCK! Thank you sooo much! What would we do with MeFi?!
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