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Seeking suggestions/examples of websites of individuals (not firms or companies) that incorporate a blog but provide a showcase or platform for the individual and their expertise. A few more details and examples given inside.

I'm the process of having my website (my name) overhauled and redesigned and the designer has requested some samples of other individuals with sites to help her understand what I might be seeking.

Seth Godin comes to mind where the site covers all his stuff and then takes you to his blog (though I wouldn't want my head there ;). There are one or two more but I hesitate to share them with the design team because they are not what I am seeking designwise eg. Douglas Rushkoff looks too cookiecutter and he's primarily a writer as is Godin. My problem is that most such websites (Individual professionals) tend to look "fake" rather than reflect their personality.

I do write extensively but I also go hang out in odd parts of the world for commercial clients seeking to address these markets - so there's a portfolio of key projects demonstrating expertise although the main event (to me anyway) will ultimately be the blog - the rest is a better package than the usual blog app and an about me page which is what I have had since 2005 - its time for a makeover.

Suggestions and links most gratefully welcome - particularly if a way of showcasing work/knowledge/expertise has caught your eye or the design has some special merit.

Note: I'm not looking for examples of personal websites so much as an individual's professional website.
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Here are some examples from someone I've worked with. Hope this helps.

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Fascinating turn of events so here's an update (and possibly some clarifications)

I was in email conversation where I was given very sensible advice to proactively seek a different designer. I shouldn't have had to reach the point where I'm doing this AskMe in order to find ways to communicate what I'm seeking to make happen. That is, I wasn't looking for design solutions to copy but rather seeking ways to communicate how personal brands were showcased. I wonder if that's why there are no answers here - y'all are thinking "she shouldn't have to ask for this, its the designer's job" or some such.

bq, those are some excellent examples, I hope you will contact me with the designer's contact details. While they are not exactly what I'd want personally (form) I can see the thought process behind them wrt to showcasing the individual's work and intentions. That's really what I'm seeking.

I don't know if that means another question next week or its one that is not appropriate for this forum but I'd appreciate knowing if there are any designers out there who might be specializing in this sort of work (as opposed to company sites) or any ideas on how better to communicate what I'm seeking at the first instance in order to ensure a better fit with the designer. Any other thoughts welcome as well (if permitted).
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I will ask if there is a designer that person can recommend and memail you.

Here are some additional examples which may or may not be helpful.


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