Healthy preschool snack to make for kids? Allergy restrictions
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Egg-free, cow's milk-free, wheat-free, nut-free snacks to make for my nursery class in two days?

I'm a work-study student at a nursery school classroom, and they have a two week March break (lucky), so I haven't seen them in a while! I'm going to work on Friday (in two days), and I was thinking I could make a healthy snack for them.

There is an egg allergy, a cow's milk allergy, a wheat (not gluten) allergy, and it is a nut-free school. I was hoping to steer clear of If I can't think of something I was going to just get a big bag of fruit or something, but I wanted to think of something more creative, maybe something with fun shapes and/or colours. I also will only have a few hours tomorrow night to make whatever it is. I'm also not making this WITH the class, just FOR them.

Any ideas?
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Whoops, something got chopped off! I meant to say "I was hoping to steer clear of anything too sugary."
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Seems to me if there's this level of various allergy concerns (broadly justified or not) and you're not required to make them a snack you might be opening yourself up to more trouble than a "welcome back" snack is worth...
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Popcorn party!
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I would do fruit kebabs or some sort of veggie and (dairy free) dip.
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mini rice cakes with almond butter?
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oh, wait, sorry, all-nut-free. Banana puree?
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Applesauce + food coloring.
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I think rainbow fruit kabobs would fit the bill perfectly and would be "special." Just make sure that you are very careful about the stick that you use-- anything sharp is an obvious no-go.
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These ideas from Bakers Royale are fun, colorful and look easy to do:

Fruit pops
Fruit salad ice cream cone (you could always put the fruit salad in a different container if there are no wheat free ice cream cones)
Strawberry fruit cups
More fruit pops
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Edamame in shell or out
Veggie chips (make sure they aren't seasoned)
Freeze-dried fruit for something fun!
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I know you said you're not doing this with the class, but my son's preschool class made smoothies (out of just fruit and juice) as an activity. Of course you have to do the blending and keep it safe, but they get to pick what to put in and some kids come up with the most interesting concoctions.

Although sugary, a good allergen-free treat is Rice Krispie treats. Use an allergen-free margarine or vegetable oil and check the marshmallow ingredients (most mainstream brands are OK).

Be prepared that no matter what you make and how safely you made it, some parents won't want their kids to eat it. I'm very wary of my son eating food someone else serves him unless I trust that the person knows how to read ingredient labels (for things like "casein" and "whey") and understands cross-contamination issues. Fruit is a good exception if I know there hasn't been peanut butter or cheese around the kitchen equipment.
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Hummus, but use olive oil instead of tahini (sesame can be an allergen). Serve with veggies instead of crackers.
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Agreeing with many of the above suggestions. Also, here are a few ways to make rice krispie treats more "healthy-ish". My daughter had a daycare friend with egg allergies and I always made these so he could partake on birthdays:

- use brown rice krispies
- organic, natural marshmallows (you'll have to check brands on that...)
- add in freeze-dried crunchy fruits snacks like blueberries/strawberries
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Homemade fruit leather? You can cut it into fun shapes!
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