What was this scary book about kittens?
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Sorry but I have a sort of weird name-this-kids'-book question: Two kittens are trying to protect each other. I remember a couple of disjointed scenes and some dark themes of self-sacrifice, bravery, and loss. Please tell me I didn't imagine this.

I don't know how much of this is real and how much is exaggerated or mis-remembered, because when i write it out it seems impossibly dark for a children's book, but I swear I checked out a book from my elementary school library in the early 90's with the following scenes:

Two young cats are adopted. They are siblings and want to look out for each other, I think. I remember one scene where a kitten bites their owner's ankle accidentally before breakfast one morning, and gets banished to the backyard (or worse??) There's another scene with a cat being brave, climbing along the edge of a wooden fence while a scary neighbor dog menances from below. Maybe one of the cats is seriously hurt while trying to protect her brother cat from the dog? I don't recall the specifics but I think something really bad happens and the other cat feels scared and guilty.

I think it was a chapter book, paperback with a brown cover and maybe yellow or white letters. Or possibly I've been crazy all along and this is 90% bad dream...
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Could it be one of Esther Averill's books about Jenny Linsky and her friends? I know there is a pair of brothers in those stories, and it sounds like the sort of thing she would write. Most of the series came out in the 50s, but at least a couple were still in print into the late 80s.
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OK, so the scene with ankle biting is possibly from Socks by Beverly Cleary, but I swear there's another book I'm thinking of.
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The book with the fence scene may be Snot Stew.
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SNOT STEW! Oh my god!!! They get kicked outside for fighting and the dog chews off his tail while he's stuck in the fence!! No wonder I was traumatized.

Thank you QryHavoq! You have no idea how happy I am to know this.
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Glad to help you! :)
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