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I'd love your recommendations for some upbeat, happy, dance/electronic music (probably from Europe), based on a couple of tracks inside.

I like "happy" music--uptempo, kinda fun, maybe a little tongue in cheek, etc.--I like Euro dancey electonic-y stuff. Can you recommend any other tracks and / or artists like those below? Does NOT have to be in English. I don't tend to go for saccharine K-Pop or J-Pop music.

Fatal Bazooka (Feat. Yelle): Parle a la main.
Studio Killers: Ode to a Bouncer
Martin Solveig (feat. Dragonette) Hello (love the Tenenbaums!)
Robyn: Stars
Yelle: Safari Disco Club
Royksopp: Happy up Here
Mint Royale: Something New
Saint Etienne: Stars Above Us
Junior Senior: Shake Your Coconuts!

That's just a grab bag, some newer/dancier/happier/peppier than others. Shake them coconuts! WheeeEEeeEE!
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Swedish House Mafia, pretty much anything.
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Seconding Swedish House Mafia. Save the World always makes me happy. I also like Daft Punk. Amish Rake Fight is American, but might fit the bill. And you might check out the Rubber Bandits.
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Well, I have kind of a British bias, but I've listed a few European ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

Basshunter - Every Morning (or probably anything by him)

Axwell & Sebastian (from Swedish House Mafia, but not a SHM song I don't think) - It's True

Infernal - From Paris to Berlin

Midfield General - Disco Sirens

Gunther and the Sunshine Girls - Ding Ding Song

Mini Viva - Left My Heart in Tokyo

La Roux - In For the Kill and Bulletproof

Faithless - Insomnia

I'm guessing you know about Goldfrapp but if not, here's Ooh La La.

I also love anything by Basement Jaxx esp. Oh My Gosh. I'm also guessing you know about The Prodigy, who are also awesome.

You might also like Cascada - Everytime We Touch, Evacuate the Dancefloor

I also like DJ Sammy - Heaven and The Boys of Summer (I think he does mainly electronica/dance cover versions)

Scooter - Jumping All Over the World (amongst others)

Vengaboys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!

I love this genre as well and hope there are lots of Europeans who will chime in when they wake up tomorrow.
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Definitely Goldfinger and Cascada as mentioned above. Scissor Sisters, Tiga, 2ManyDJs/Soulwax, David Guetta, Armand Van Helden...shit you would probably have loved my old college radio show, here are some of the playlists.
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