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What's the simplest wiki software out there?

I need a wiki. No database, no fancy gui editor, no schmancy markup. Text-files only.

Ideally, it must be dead simple to install and skin, and future proof. I mean if I have to migrate it, it should be simple to do so.

I'd like a calendar, a 'news' page and an rss feed.

I've used pmwiki in the past but am wondering if there is something simpler. I've briefly looked at dokuwiki. No tiddlywiki please. Do tell me what else is out there.
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I was under the impression that Wikis had markup by definition.
posted by dgeiser13 at 11:09 AM on March 28, 2012

Maybe Twiki?
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(..oops sorry, missed "No tiddlywiki" towards the end of your question.)
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Since my first response got zapped for having tiddlywiki, here's the list again of wiki's which might be helpful.
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Zim Wiki is a desktop wiki that uses no database - everything is text files. I've used it from both Windows and Linux by syncing the text file directory via Dropbox. It worked flawlessly.
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I too looked at several before I chose Dokuwiki. You can get a Twiki or Dokuwiki appliance (virtual machine) at and have it up and running in minutes.
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Wikimatrix's decision wizard (off of nogero's suggestion for Dokuwiki) might also be helpful in choosing the right one.
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