I want to hire your favorite home repair/upkeep people.
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Spring cleaning/maintenance recommendations, please! I want to hear about companies you've hired and been really happy with in Toronto. Detailed list of services desired inside.

Two little kids means we've been ignoring our little house and yard. Here's what I want to get done:

1. Replace our front and back doors.

2. Replace our rusty wrought iron porch railing with wood, and possibly cover our concrete porch & stairs with same.

3. Re-surface our back yard. It's a nightmare of dandelions and goldenrod back there, so we'd need to take the top 4 inches off and replace it with clean topsoil, then put sod down. Our yard is like 15'x30', so not huge.

4. Repair the bricks and stucco on the front pillar of our house, repair the stucco on the side of our house.

5. Stop our old wooden floors from creaking so damn much. (This is a pipe dream, I'm pretty sure... unless you can tell me I'm wrong!)

6. Figure out why several of our upstairs lights have ceased working (who's your favorite electrician?)

7. Torment a handyman with a laundry list of other minor fixes. I'd write a honey-do list but my honey is very busy and you just can't tear down horsehair plaster with a 6 month old in one arm.

So. I want to know who you used, the scope of your project, how much they cost, and why you were so happy with them.
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Best answer: I don't have an individual to suggest, but when I'm looking for fixes to my house, I start on HomeStars. I've found the reviews to be largely credible and have never had a problem with any company I hired that was rated highly by this source.

Good luck with the fixing!
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(who's your favorite electrician?)

We used this guy to rewire our entire house. Highly recommend.
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