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I have started a new job at a established internet startup. Decorating your cube is a big deal around here. I need ideas for something cool. As I am a project manager, I would like to have something somewhat professional but also creative / aesthetic pleasing. Any ideas for cube flair? Any cool cubes you have seen that aren't over the top? Help me have the coolest cube ever!!!
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If the cubes are modular, with a fabric-lined wall instead of wood or veneer, you can "reupholster" them with fabric or paper or just about anything thin and flexible enough. I'd buy some really cool/funky fabric and cover the inside of your cube with it. It keeps the cubicle from looking like just another bulletin board with crap tacked up on it and makes you stand apart.
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If you like making stuff, you should have a look at Eccentric Cubicle.
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Cube Chic has some great ideas.
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I used 3 sheets of handmade paper from an art store in gorgeous colors, tacked to my cubicle wall with tacks. Then bought accessories that generally match those colors. I put up a black cuckoo shaped clock (no cuckoo but with a pendulum that swings for a sense of motion). Took a black shadow box, put a few small branches in it and glued flower-shaped petals and leaves to the branches. Not terribly clever, but everyone finds it tasteful and beautiful.

Then I tell people that the stacks of messy papers on my desk is feng shui--- representing water, the waterfall.
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I like wind up toys. They give your visitors something to play with.
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A bowl of lollies [in wrappers]
A postcard wall. You could get a box of these Postcards from Penguin which look terrific when blocked up on a wall. If you have a fabric pin-board wall, it's so easy to use velcro spots to attach them.
Or could do the same with business cards.
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Choose a design style from the past 100 years (postmodernism, bauhaus, Colombo, etc...) and replace everything in your cubicle (chair, table, stapler, phone, etc..) in that style.
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