Can I cash in a 7-month cheque without an expiry date?
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7-month-old cheques - should I ask for a new one or try it with the bank?

I have three insurance cheques that don't have any expiry date. They're all small amounts (25-50). But they were issued back in late August and September and I forgot about them until now.

Should I just take them to the bank or ask for a new one? What if I put them through an ATM?
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I have deposited checks that old and older before and had no problem. I'd treat them as you would any other check.
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I tried depositing a government cheque that was two years old recently. The first time I was told that I needed a new cheque. However, the second time the bank teller simply deposited my cheque even though she talked about it to another co-worker.

I overheard the one employee say that it's fine because it was a small amount (65.00). This leads me to believe that your 7 month old cheques are fine to deposit although I'd handle this transaction with a bank teller and not an ATM.
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I *think* but I'm not sure that the general rule on insurance checks I've gotten is one year, but YMMV and I might be off my mark by six months.
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Many checks like this have a marking that "void after XXX days on it." I've succesfully cashed checks older than that that didn't have that marking. If it does, though, you're going to need them to cut a new check.
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Per our bank (Bank of America if it matters), a check is a check is a check (or it was 2 years ago).
We were going to add "void after XXX days" to our checks but the rep said that it didn't matter and that they had to cash any presented check no matter how old as long as the sign was signed, all the info was right and the account was open. The only exception was for checks that had had a stop payment placed on them (and those expired after 6 months!)

This is for a business account but the personal account is the same way. (I asked)

FYI - I sometimes get duplicate payments from our customers and I always void the check and return it by mail. Keeps me from having responsibility for their money, keeps them from having to wonder if we disposed of it properly.
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