tv program predicted rise of electronic books in 1980s
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Trying to remember the name of a TV series program that I watched in the late 1980s that in one episode on digital information predicted the rise of the electronic book. There was a male host who led the show, which was an examination of new technologies. In the particular episode I am looking for, he recounted an idea that books in the future would be distributed from something like an ATM machine where you would insert a card onto which the book would be downloaded. If it helps, I remember he stood at some kind of podium during the broadcasts that had like an acrylic/lucite egg-shaped glowing top--random detail, but these are often what jog people's memory.
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Best answer: Beyond 2000?
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Computer Chronicles?
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Was it "What will they think of next?" with a very young Maury Povich? There are lots of you tube links out there.
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There were a number of AT&T commercials roughly in that era, with the tagline "You will". YouTube has a few of them, including electronic books...
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