Where is my iTunes Mad Men episode hiding?
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Where is my iTunes Mad Men episode hiding?

I bought the season premiere of Mad Men in iTunes last night, and let the SD version download and paused the HD version so that I could watch it faster.

I watched half the episode and planned on watching the rest tonight. Well, now it's missing. It isn't in downloads, it isn't in purchased, it isn't in tv shows. The only version showing up is the not downloaded HD version and I don't want to wait another 6 hours (no, I don't know why it takes that long either) for that one to download.

My sister suggested that I look in available downloads, not there either. Any ideas?
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Perhaps look in your ~/Music/iTunes Library/TV Shows folder. You can then File > Add to Library... to put it back into the iTunes library.
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Contact Itunes help. They are actually very quick to respond about issues like this.
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Just looked. Interestingly not in that folder either.
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I don't know where to find it on iTunes, but in the meantime, the full episode is on AMC's website available to stream.
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Did you check in Movies? I've had issues with files ending up as the wrong type of video before. You can change it manually in Get Info to put it back in the right place.
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Have you tried to click on 'Store' (at the top of iTunes where File, Edit, View etc is located) and then clicked on 'Check for Available Downloads'? If not, and you come up empty, give that a go.
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