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Facebook filter: A friend and I have a blog that we would like to promote via Facebook, but the deities who run Facebook will not let us disconnect our blog's page from our personal Facebook pages.

We would like to keep our Facebook pages private, but this prevents us from making our blog's Facebook fan page searchable, either via Facebook or Google, Bing, etc. So right now, our viewership is limited to only people we are friends with on this damn site. Is there any way to disconnect the two, or at least make the blog's Facebook fan page more public?I hope your brain hasn't exploded reading this. We have been trying to figure out a way to do this seemingly simple task for ages. Thanks.
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The easiest thing to do is make another page for yourself/blog and have it public.
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I'm not quite clear on your issue here. Has the blog's page been published? That's not a state that applies to all your pages, just the one you decide to publish. Once you've done that, it should be visible to search engines.

Also, by "our personal pages" do you mean you each have a page for the blog? You only need one, and you can co-administrate that page.

At any rate, it isn't possible to "disconnect" a page from a profile. There needs to be a profile in order to create the page. The only thing that might be of use here would be a "business profile" -- which can create pages without being a public-facing personal profile. Is that what you're getting at?
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I'm trying to figure this out. Do you have a separate fan page for your blog, where people can "like" it and see the updates you post? If so, it should mean anyone can like it, not just those who are your Facebook friends. And it shouldn't connect back to you -- you should be able to post as the page, not as you.
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Like bluedaisy said, creating a page and not having it link back to you shouldn't be a problem at all.

"...disconnect our blog's page from our personal Facebook pages."

"We would like to keep our Facebook pages private, but this prevents us from making our blog's Facebook fan page searchable..."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're confusing Facebook Profiles with Facebook Pages. Which of the following configurations applies to you?
  • Profile - emilyclaire
  • Profile - friend
  • Page - blog
  • Page - emilyclaire
  • Page - friend
  • Page - blog
  • Profile - emilyclaire
  • Profile - friend
  • Profile - blog

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I just set up a facebook page for my blog this morning, and I didn't have this problem. My blog's facebook page doesn't show up on on my personal profile - I have the option of associating them, but I chose not to.
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Yeah I am not sure what you are doing wrong...can you elaborate? I believe that it's okay to link to your page in this circumstance so we can get a better idea of what the issue is.
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I have a couple of pages (one for my job even) and none of them link to my personal profile except that I "like" them. They are public and my personal profile remains private.
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