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Brief me on the ergonomics of the Cambridge Satchel as a backpack, and alternatives.

I'm seriously thinking about buying one of these, but I also walk or take public transportation everywhere, and I often have heavy office papers or books.

Does the Cambridge Satchel work as a backpack? Another example is depicted here (click on the arrow for views of the straps and of it in use). The straps are thin and it doesn't look comfortable.

Is there another satchel backpack in the same style (hard edged leather) but with better straps? I am willing to pay up to $150 US, but not if it's unusable.
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It looks like it would easily get floppy or twisty if it wasn't loaded evenly.
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School satchels were always worn on the shoulders, at least when I was a kid. From memory (so allow for 35 years of filters), the straps were very thin, so heavy stuff was out. Things tended to roll from side to side. Ergonomic disaster.
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I have this bag, which is similar. The main problem I have with it is that it tends to lean away from my back instead of staying flat against it. 
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