Music podcast with eclectic selection?
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I like to listen to a wide variety of music: classical, rock, jazz, instrumental metal, folk, video game, rap — whatever catches my ear. I also like listening to podcasts. Unfortunately, most of the music podcasts I've seen only cover music in a single genre, often with an emphasis on newer music. I'd like to find a podcast that a) spans genres and eras in a single show, and b) isn't afraid to play popular music. Does such a podcast exist? Super bonus points if there's some commentary about history and context, so that I can learn something while I listen.

The closest I've been able to find is Aerostat, hosted by Russian rock legend Boris Grebenshchikov. It's pretty great, but despite its variety, it still gravitates towards lesser-known progressive rock from the 60's and 70's.
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Response by poster: (And I realize, unfortunately, that perhaps the reason that the only podcast I've found that fits these criteria is in Russia is because of exorbitant licensing fees in the US.)
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This is not a podcast, and the range is not as broad as you are looking for, but it is good nonetheless. The Musiquarium on CJSW from 6-7PM on Fridays, Mountain Time Zone.
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Can't recommend Mudd Up! enough.
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Have a go with Jarvis Cocker or Cerys Matthews on 6Music. Both eclectic mixtures of old and new and Jarvis is full of cerebral.
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You might like Sound Opinions. They play mostly rock, pop and indie, but also branch out to hip hop, country, experimental, etc. They also do themed and historical shows pretty regularly, but there is always a review of new music at the end of the show. Another nice feature is the last 5 minutes of every podcast, where they play voicemails from listeners, who often have strong, weird opinions.
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You want The Ongoing History of New Music. Trust me.
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