How can I replace this awesome bowl from Anthropologie?
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I loved this bowl, and then it broke. I will be disproportionately sad if I can't replace it. But how?

So for Christmas in 2010 I got this wonderful set of four bowls from Anthropologie. I am not a regular Anthropologie shopper, and hadn't realized that their bowls exist there for a few months and then disappear, or I'd have bought a bunch at the time. Sadly I did not, and now one of them has broken. I really want to replace it! But my searches have not been successful - doesn't have pictures of Anthropologie bowls, it seems, and a search for the brand (I'm guessing? they say "biscuit" on the bottom) yields nothing of use. The Anthropologie website has not been helpful either. Nor has eBay.

So: what's my next step? Are there websites I'm missing? Is "Biscuit" actually a really famous brand that I have never heard of? Or am I doomed to live a life without a fourth beautiful bowl?

Here are pictures, JUST IN CASE one of you is a bowl expert (or an Anthropologie enthusiast/employee...)

Top view
Side view
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You could haunt eBay for it, but it might be easier to have a potter replicate it for you. Doing so might be a little pricy, but it would be an awesome, handmade thing you could treasure forever.
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Biscuit seems to be the brand that makes their latte bowls (which come in quite lovely colors). I doubt I'll find anything, but I'm searching google for you. =)
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Best answer: Hold up - is this a sister bowl in this blog post? If so, that at least gives you the name Anthropologie called it.
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Response by poster: Thylacinthine: That is an interesting idea (and I would totally be willing to pay for it - I am weirdly attached to these bowls).

Maryr: YES that is definitely a sister bowl! Thank you - that's a huge help.
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At Anthropologie. They usually make up their own names for products, unfortunatley, so if you can find the Biscuit brand web page, it probably won't be called "upsy-daisy" there. (At least that's been my experience with jewelry and such). Not having any more luck than that. Sorry!
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I tied the Upsy Daisy idea earlier myself, FWIW, and got nowhere. Seemed like a dead end. Have you tried calling Anthropologie's customer service line?
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Response by poster: Yeah, calling/e-mailing Anthropologie is my next step. I wasn't sure how much luck I would have if I didn't even know what they called it - my descriptive powers are not that strong - but armed with the picture of the bowl on their website, I have some hope. :)
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Best answer: Oh, try the Trade Market!
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