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Need healthy canned dog food for a finicky dog, must be chunky form in gravy. I have tried to feed her premium canned food in the pate (ground) form and she will not eat it. Need recommendations for dog food please.
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The new Kirkland Signature chunky food from Costco may fit your bill. We were feeding our dogs the paté, and their interest was tepid. Lots of websites rate the Costco food very highly in terms of nutrition and quality.
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My dog loooooooves Nutro Natural Choice and Nutro Ultra. I'm pretty sure it's his version of winning the lottery.
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Our finicky dog loves loves (loves!) AvoDerm (especially the diced chicken stew kind--their stew varieties avoid the pate texture).
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Merrick. Highly rated, both by SCIENCE! and by my picky hound. Favorites are Wingaling, Harvest Moon, Working Dog Stew and Love Potion #9. Canned tripe (Trippett brand) added to kibble also works a treat to get her to eat, as does homecooking.
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Well, she will eat it, you just have to wait her out. Believe me, it's your choice for her to be finicky, not hers.
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Please note: Some dogs who may be healthy or unhealthy, old or young, in perfect or imperfect condition may be picky eaters or difficult to keep weight on. The mythology that a healthy dog won't let itself starve is a lie. In which case we search out what will keep them eating.
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One more vote for Merrick. Our dog loves all the ones listed above, plus Smothered Comfort and Brauts and Tots. It's real, recognizable food, in gravy, and always goes down a treat.
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A mix of wet and dry Taste of the Wild has been the winning combo for our pet. Bonus: it's grain free, which can really make a difference with finicky eaters.
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Tiki Dog is not only healthy, it is doggie crack.
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my friend's westie loves Weruva - definitely some chunky gravy options in their line.
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Thirding Merrick--we feed it to our dear canine along with the Taste of the Wild kibble recommended above. (Note that not all of the Merrick is stew-like. Our dog's hands down fave is a stewy mess called "Smothered Comfort")
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Seconding Taste of the Wild. And rotating flavors.
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I'll add to the Merrick chorus. I've caught our mastiff staring at the shelf where the cans live and drooling. (More so than usual, at least.) Wingaling, Brauts and Tots, and Turducken are all favorites around here.
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Another for Merrick. Our Heeler loves the stuff.
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