Why is this cake different from other cakes?
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What gluten-free option do I replace matzo meal with in a cake?

Frankly, I'm not even sure if it will matter, but I want to make this (delicious) almond torte for the first seder, but we need it to be gluten-free. Since there's only 4T in 2c of almond flour, I'm thinking maybe just add more almond flour or will that ruin something I am not thinking of?

Gluten-free crackers, ground? Rice flour? Cornmeal?
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You can get gluten-free matzoh meal -- that's just the first brand I found, I'm pretty sure there are other options around if you search.
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Response by poster: I meant to say that I was hoping not to have to buy something that I was unlikely to need more than the 2 tablespoons of. The crackers can be passed on, the rice flour and cornmeal can be bought in small amounts or used for other recipes, but no one is going to use gf mazto meal twice.
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Can you do a test run without the matzah meal? I know that almond flour is expensive and it's a pain to do something twice, but it might give you the results that you're looking for.

Failing that, Yehuda makes gluten free matzah
and you could grind some of that and then pass it on to the gluten-free guest (more useful if they observe Passover themselves).
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Best answer: Just use all almond flour.
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Best answer: All almond flour is fine. I often make this clementine torte for Pesach.
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Response by poster: Excellent, thanks. All almond flour is the easiest solution and I am glad it should also work. That clementine torte looks fantastic, too.
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