High quality woodworking videos?
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Please recommend me more high quality woodworking video content!

Now that I've taken up woodworking as a serious hobby, I am looking for high quality online video content to show me anything and everything about woodworking, especially as it relates to proper tool handling, safety techniques, tips and tricks, and start-to-finish furniture builds.

I have already seen the following:

- Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer
- PBS' American Woodshop streaming episodes online
- PBS' The Woodwrights Shop

Please share your woodworking video content with me!
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Sometimes instructables has good YouTube links to their projects. ( sorry about that first comment )
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments Mr. Metaphor. Are there any particular instructables that you recommend?
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Best answer: Sam Maloof (dvd on Amazon)

wikipedia entry
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Best answer: Of course : The New Yankee Workshop. They're streaming a different episode each week, and then it's gone. A bit annoying but it's pretty much the grandaddy of all woodworking shows and covers a lot of the basics of operating machinery and making things. I'd skip past the 'finishing' portion of a lot of them and look to the wood whisperer or read up online for a more modern approach to that area.
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Best answer: woodgears.ca!

It is my favorite special place to nerd out about woodworking.
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Best answer: Some of the print magazines now have nice video sections on their websites (may be behind a paywall depending on site):
Fine Woodworking
Popular Woodworking
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