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What do I need to look for in a higher end email host?

I am going to take my domain and get an email host to provide that service rather than stick with commercial services. I definitely want IMAP, and push service for ios/android. 5GB of space would be more than enough, but I can see myself opting for up to 10GB. I will be the only user using this, but may want some aliases. Are there some cool nifgy features that I should opt for to make it easier for me, or more efficient. What I want to know is what I should look for, or what I should watch out for. A factor that I don't have to worry (much) about is cost, as I'm willing to pay bit more to get what I want. So any suggestions on features or hosts would be great, as this is my first advance into this territory.
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Is there a reason why you don't have Google host your mail on your own domain with Google Apps?
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Response by poster: I am not going to take the google route. These suggestions will fall on deaf ears. Please do not suggest this. They have been nothing but trouble for my personal and professional life. NO GOOGLE!
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I'm not sure how you find this out, but picking a host that is reasonably good about not being used as a spam distribution point is key. Being blacklisted every five weeks is difficult at best.
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I would recommend FastMail since you don't want to go with Google.
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Response by poster: I would recommend FastMail since you don't want to go with Google.

Thanks for the recommendation, but can you tell me why?
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Why not go for a VPS? Nowadays they are pretty cheap.

If you're not willing to do the admin yourself, and $ is not much of an issue, get a managed service. For linux, I've been using johncompanies.com for years and recommend them but there are plenty of other good hosts too.

There are a several threads here that cover this.
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