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I'm looking for an old(ish) Linux breakout clone. I believe it came installed by default with Redhat (??) and/or KDE. This would be around 10 years ago, give or take.

I believe it had an x before its name, so it was an xwindows thing (as opposed to a k with the kde stuff or a g with the gnome stuff) but I could be wrong on that count. I believe it was with the default games pack that had, like, that one game with the robots that try to eat you and stuff.

I remember that the powerups included bullets and you can shoot stuff all the time, but you could also shoot your own ball and kill it. I also remember that it would say "another one bites the dust" when you had multiball and lose one. Also there was a negative powerup (powerdown?) that made the mouse reverse.

And no, it's not xbreakout.
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None of those, I don't think. It might have had "ball" in the name; I'm pretty sure it didn't have "breakout".
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xboing? At least as old as RedHat 6
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Seconding xboing. It had everything you remember (ugh the mouse inversion). iirc it had a lot of sound clips from geeky movies.
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Xboing also had an eyeball dude that would walk across the top every so often while a sound file played that said "EYE THERE!" that might help trigger some memories...
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protip: get around mouse inversion by turning your mouse upside down.

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