this backpack will ease my pain
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looking for a backpack/briefcase combination (handle on side when carrying horizontally/shoulder strap, or wear on back vertically). Any ideas? Thanks! The important thing is that there should be 3 ways to carry it (handle on horizontal side; shoulder strap on vertical or horizontal side, and backpacking straps to wear vertically on your back). After extensive online browsing i've seen backpacks that come close (usually shoulder strap/backpack straps but no side handle).
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I used to have a great Eagle Creek bag that did exactly that. Haven't looked at what they offer today, but I'd start with them.
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Timbuk2 has several backpacks that fit that description, including H.A.L. and Q.
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Like this one? I search ebags for "convertible" and then just looked at the backpacks category, but there might be others in there.
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Here's another, and a third, and a fourth. Here's the search -- I stopped looking after the first page of results.
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I lied -- here's one that rotates vertically/horizontally, but is more casual.
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Here's another one that rotates (sold out on NB website)
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You could also consider getting one of those shoulder strap/backpack strap style bags and having a simple side handle affixed. I imagine a luggage or shoe repair shop could easily do it, or maybe there are is someone or a shop in your area that fabricates bags or leather goods, or you could look into etsy sellers in your area who have the skills/tools.
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Here's another one (it doesn't show the shoulder strap but you can see the hooks on the front left and then on the top right (from the back) corners for it to clip onto)
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That last one comes in slightly smaller too
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Here's one that stays east-west even as backpack
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you guys ROCK.
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I guess "convertible" is the keyword. Thanks brainmouse.
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