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Around 4-5 years ago, I attended the Natural Products Expo and received a sample of a product called Aaah Toilet Paper Moistener (photos). The company now has a dead website. Googling has revealed people making fun of their infomercial and reviews circa 2008, but no current product info. Where can I get some more of this stuff or some other toilet-paper-moistening *foam*?

I know, I know, it sounds a little ridiculous, but I have IBS and frequent bathroom problems, and this stuff really helps. The tiny sample in the photos has lasted me a very long time, but I'm going to run out soon.

I've seen Wipe Aide, but that looks like a dispenser for a soap/water combo that I don't think would be as effective as the foam one I have now. (I mean, what would be the difference between Wipe Aid and just running some tap water over the tp?) This Aaaah product is the consistency of foaming hand soap.

Baby wipes sting (ouch) and also seem super wasteful. This is the most comfortable and least wasteful solution I've seen, plus it's portable and not full of scary ingredients!

Thanks in advance for your help! If you want to anonymously email me your ideas, please use
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There's a difference between baby wipes and moist toilet tissues. Wal-Mart/Target all sell moist toilet tissues in both the toilet paper aisle (sometimes hard to find) and also in the hygiene section near pads and tampons. I find them nice sometimes. I believe Charmin makes some, and there are several generics.

I have been told that they shouldn't be used every time because they actually "dry out" your mucous membranes...but I don't know.
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I daresay you could make your own replacement with similar ingredients (aloe vera, glycerin, water, balm of Gilead, allantoin). If you get it to a liquid consistency, you could use a foaming soap dispenser to imitate the product you love.
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I got curious about this and so I found the company owner via WhoIS. This product is still available, in two sizes. Call 303.962.6749 and ask for Paula.
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I have no idea where you could get the product you describe, but I frequently use unscented lotion on toilet tissue, like Cetaphil or the drugstore equivalent. The facial lotions (not creams) have a thin consistency, perfect for this sorta purpose.
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try moistening w/ with hazel
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make that witch hazel
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If you can rig up a hand shower, at least for your home bathroom, washing with warm water and mild soap is cleaner and more gentle on sensitive parts than even soft tissue.
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Perhaps a bit of shaving foam followed by a wipe with paper will give good results.
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