At what point do I stop watching the TV show Sliders?
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I'm watching the TV show Sliders. At what point do you recommend that I stop watching Sliders?

From what I've heard, it gets worse and worse as the series goes on and people get fired/replaced, but at what point do you recommend that I quit watching? I'm still on season 1 so far.
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Best answer: When you start to not like it anymore. When it happens, you'll know.
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I didn't really like anything after the second season. YMMV, of course.
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Now. Without being too spoilery, let's just say I like resolution and you won't get that.
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End with episode 40, "The Exodus, part 2," which features the beginning of the major, ridiculous cast changes and a major shift away from the show's original premise.
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Best answer: We just did this. Stop before Prof. Arturo dies. That happens in the second part of a two-parter, so best to just stop before the first episode of that arc. That means stopping with "Paradise Lost" in Season 3.

After Prof. Arturo dies it's pretty much all downhill from there. The series never resolves (it ends on a cliff hanger and they never really get back to their Earth), so you aren't losing much by ending at a relatively arbitrary point.

On Preview: "The Exodus, Part 2" is the second half of the two parter in which Prof. Arturo dies. I would suggest just avoiding it entirely, but definitely don't go any further.
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I got weird for me after the "hot" chic has the close up with the snake thing going down her throat. It was an odd scene for a lot of reasons but I can remember, after that, the magic of the show seem to bleed downward from there. I sure did like that show and then Millennium that would come on after... I'd grab a six pack on the way home from work, eat some dinner and plop down on the coach every Friday night.
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What timing. I'm rewatching the series now. I don't think I originally ever watched season 4 and 5. They are pretty bad honestly, but it's like watching a car wreck. I'm decided for some reason to just stick it out. I have four episodes left in season 5.

Honestly it started going downhill when they introduced the Cromags, but up until Arturo dies it's still decent enough. Almost every episode from the beginning of season 4 is worse than the last.
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Personally, I would stop with the first Cromag episode (which wasn't completely "Danger, Will Robinson!!!" end-of-it-all terrible, in and of itself.)

Basically, it's mostly getting better till then, and mostly gets worse after. It was painful well before Aturo's exit, IMO.
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I'll second stopping with the introduction of the Cromags. From that point on they took the show from a random "this world is this situation" and exploring that into a "how are the Sliders gonna beat the Cromags this week!" back and forth. I guess it depends on what you're watching it for, but the show totally changed direction at that point.
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At some point Sliders began to resemble Stargate: The Various TV Series. Do you like Stargate: The Various TV Series? Then you may enjoy watching the rest of Sliders. Otherwise, you probably won't.
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Best answer: My husband says: "around the third season; that's when it gets stupid."
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When the "spider-wasps" appear.
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