Help me find an arrangement of two songs
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Help me locate an arrangement combining two Vernon Duke songs - April in Paris (1932) and Autumn in New York (1934). I heard it performed once (I think around 2004-2006) at a small venue in New York City, though I can't find a program which would tell me who did the arrangement.

The arrangement combined elements from each song - for example, I recall alternating lines from each chorus, "April in Paris/Autumn in New York." They blended together very well. I don't recall exactly how it went, musically or lyrically, which would have been helpful on the Google. I recall the performance being a cabaret-style; initially, I thought it was in this "Paris/New York" show at the City Museum (you can see why), but the director and the program both say no.

I'd love to find out at least who did the arrangement, although my end goal is sheet music. I'd welcome any thoughts - including contacts to reach out to who might be helpful.
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I bet Jonathan Schwartz would know - that's exactly the kind of thing he plays on his radio program.
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Sadly, he wrote back saying he couldn't help - but it was a great suggestion! I also reached out to Phil Schaap with the same results.
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