Where to stay in New York for Bachelorette party of 10?
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I'm in the process of planning a bachelorette party in New York, and am looking for some hotel recommendations. We'd like to stay in the SoHo/Meat Packing district. There will be a total of 10 of us and I'd like to keep the price around $100 per person, but think people would be comfortable spending a little bit more if necessary. From my research, and the prices I've seen, it looks like this is going to be tricky! What are you hotel recommendations?
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the Jane Hotel? No en-suite bathroom tho
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you might have better luck renting a couple of apartments. Try airbnb or short term rentals on Craigslist.
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Looks like you could get some rooms at the Holiday inn in Soho. It appears they have some rooms that accomodate 4 people for about $250 per night, which would be about $60 per person per night. Good luck!
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$100 per person per night? That doesn't really exist in Soho or the Meatpacking district. Those two neighborhoods attract a lot of very wealthy people who are happy and able to pay many multiples of that per night.
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Clarification: are you looking for a place to stay that comes to $100/pp for the night, or are you looking for everything to run to $100/pp for the night?

Because a night in NYC, especially in Soho or the MP district, can easily run $100/pp before you get through dinner.
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The Holiday Inn in Soho (really Noho) is quite far from the MPD but unfortunately, you won't find anything for that price in that 'hood. It's very expensive, especially the lodgings.
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Response by poster: I don't mean to thread sit, but some good responses so far.

sweetkid - airbnb was a great recommendation, I already emailed a few apartment owners. Thanks!

swngnmonk - The $100/pp target is only for sleeping accommodations. The rest of the day's activities will be in addition to that cost.
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I've also heard that the Jane in NY is good, in fact I'm staying there next week myself, so fingers crossed. $99 dollars per night, though shared bathrooms as said above. However, having searched for ages, it was the absolute cheapest I could find apart from the YMCA hostels.
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In addition to AirBnB, also check HomeAway. Re hotels, keep in mind that most NYC hotels have VERY small rooms - not much walking room around the beds, let alone room to sleep on the floor or a cot. Don't limit yourself to SoHo - anywhere below w 120th st or e 96th should feel safe to you and be convenient to the rest of the city.
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Agree with Melissasaurus- SoHo and Meat Packing are "cool," but honestly you're probably going to be taking cabs, right? So it might not really matter what neighborhood you stay in. I'd say more like below 75th street, just because it gets more residential the farther up you go (generally) and you may want restaurants/bars within walking distance. East side, west side, whatever.

Be sure to check the size of rooms and ask about couches and trundle beds, and how big the actual beds are, King, Queen, Double, or (yes in NYC) Twin is not necessarily unheard of. Space is crazy different in NYC vs many other towns and cities.

Another thought with chain hotels is to see if any of the girls have hotel points they may be willing to pull together.
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