What Twitter client is right for me?
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I'm looking for a desktop Twitter client for my Windows laptop. It should be able to both manage multiple accounts and let me easily save and edit drafts of tweets. Does this exist?

I want to compose/edit/save draft tweets for multiple Twitter accounts while offline. I also want support for link shortening and uploading photos from my hard drive. Ideally the client would allow me to have multiple tweet-composition windows open simultaneously, but that isn't vital. This is for a personal creative project - I am willing to buy a program, but prefer not to pay more than $20.

I have tried twhirl, Textwit, Tweetings, Seesmic Ping, and TweetDeck for Windows, and have not been able to get any of them to do both of the things I want (drafts and multiple accounts). Any recommendations on features I'm missing or what other programs I should use (maybe a blog editor?) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hootsuite works well for me.
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Hootsuite is Web-based, but it does have a bulk upload feature that allows you to post Tweets via .csv, which might be an okay alternative.
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The bulk upload tool in Hootsuite is part of the pro membership for $5.99/month so I don't think that will fit long term what the OP is looking for.

I'm not clear if you are tweeting the same tweets from multiple accounts or different tweets from multiple accounts, but a blog-based set up might work very well. Wordpress allows for saved drafts and ties in very nicely with Twitter, though I'm not sure you can set it up to tweet on multiple accounts. If not, you could arrange an IFTTT task to either tweet the post or retweet one of the tweets. Actually IFTTT might work well for you with whichever tool you've already tried that worked for drafts but not multiple accounts.

Please post whichever option does solve your problem!
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