FT or WSJ ?
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Which iPad subscription do you recommend- FT (Financial Times) or WSJ (Wall Street Journal)?

I have a plan this year to enhance by business knowledge by reading up on global business news for an hour a day. I would be using my iPad for the subscription. Between the two, which one would you recommend?

I stay in India and subscribe to the Economist.
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The FT has a really nice iPad interface by all accounts.

You can learn quite a bit just reading FTAlphaville every day, which is free, but subscribing will get you access to more bits and pieces.
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Best answer: FT:
International newspaper focused on business.
More consistent writing from European journalists.

American newspaper focused on business and general news.
Inconsistent writing (sometimes Buffett writes about the economy, sometimes a religious extremist writes about abortion).

If you like the Economist, you'll probably like the FT. Thus it sounds like an FT subscription will give you a deeper knowledge of European international viewpoints.

If you want news about America, a great focus on Wall Street, and don't mind digging through fluff, the Economist and the WSJ will give you a bit broader view.

In business schools, many read both.
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FT is better for short, to the point journalism on global business and economics and its opinion and op-ed columns knock the socks off of the WSJ - both in terms of breadth of viewpoint and quality of writing. The WSJ is better at long-form in depth pieces and US news.

I also find the "weekend-y" bits of the FT to be much better then the WSJ but there is less of it.
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If you had asked me 10 or 15 years ago, I would have said the Wall St. Journal without question.

Now, I would say The Financial Times, without question.

But, more pertinently to you: what are your interests? The Wall St. Journal's focus is more heavily US-centric than is the Financial Times'. Depending on what you're interested in, that could be a benefit or a drawback to the WSJ.
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regarding the FT, they do a wonderful job of publishing unfounded positive rumors on "bad" trading days towards the end of trading to produce blips on indices to show green for the day. It happens so often that I consider it to be a joke of a rag.
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Mod note: Question is specifically asking about iPad subscriptions A and B. If you know of related iPad subscriptions, that would be closer to answering the question, but random websites really don't.
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Definitely FT. It's written in a clear and concise style and feels like the Economist. I trade US equities and get most of my financial news from Bloomberg and FT - Bloomberg for single stock stories and news coming out during the trading day, and FT for broader economic coverage. Never really read WSJ.
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I read both every morning (print versions) and the FT is definitely a better quality paper and the op-eds are the best in pretty much any paper I've read. I am pretty much of the opinion that the FT is one of the best papers out there for global news and politics. 95% of the op-eds in the WSJ are unreadable but I do like that it will have US centric stuff that the FT won't have. The FT will have all the important US financial/political/macro news but for example, last week I don't remember them having anything about they Trayvon Martin story, which was one of the biggest stories of the week, domestically.

I also like the Economist a lot and used to subscribe but don't read it as regularly anymore. I think it's somewhat comparable to the FT except it has much broader coverage.

Another thing I like about the WSJ is the Life & Culture section at the back. The FT has nothing similar in the weekday editions and I like to read a little bit of non-serious stuff once in a while.

Also, FT Alphaville is one of my favorite parts of the paper.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the replies. My intention was to get a global news perspective and so it looks like Financial Times is the way to go.
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