what happened in this episode of Waking the Dead?
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Please spoil this episode of Waking the Dead for me- who was the bag man?

I hate 2 part-ers. The chance of me being around to watch part 2 is very slim. Could someone please fill me in on what happened in the second part of the Waking the Dead episode called 'Care' and about the bag man? I especially want to know who it was but any other detail is delightful. The internet is being all cautious and good and only telling me things that do not give away the end game.
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Are you sure that's the title of the episode?
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OK, since so many people seemed to assume (like I did at first) that the question was about "The Walking Dead," I couldn't let this go. The question is actually about the BBC show "Waking the Dead," which is like a UK version of Cold Case, sort of. The episode in question is called "Care, part 2."

I did some digging and found what seems to be the spoiler/s you are looking for:

the thing that fitted it altogether.. ... which no one could have known from the first part really was that the parents had gone through identity changes and the mum being social worker of david drew then abducted him and some of the other children...all be it with good but somewhat slightly unorthodox intentions...and then raising them as their own in one big disfunctional family. the big surprise was david/max sleeping with the mum and therefore being the father of abigail. which helps to explain how claire got seperated from them. then the old david starts to come out once the family is threatened by claire.

and also

Poor Abigail; she'll be in therapy for years. Imagine; your brother shagged your mum and is really your dad and is a psycho with a bag on his head who killed the man you thought was your dad (because you made a phone call) and the woman you thought was your sister, your other brother and your dead sister were actually kidnapped by your supposed mum and dad. Talk about complicated families!

Those quotes are from this forum.

You can also read some live reactions/thoughts on the ep on this forum, where you get some additional theories, but later it's confirmed that "david drew (aka Joe This Life) is Bagman, and Older Dad has discovered it."

I also found the subtitles for the episode, and re-posted them on Dropbox for you here.

That's it. Hope it helps!
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