What is this Japanese thing?
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What is this mystery Japanese product?

I bought it at a 100 yen store in Sydney, Australia because it had a picture of an angry wasabi on it. Here's the back and the side.

Inside is a silver foil packet with two sachets (forgot to take a picture)

So, what the heck is it? Do I eat it, plant it, rub it on my body??? The front has a big 30kg figure on it - I can't imaging was 30 kilos of grumpy wasabi would be doing in a tiny little packet.
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It's mothballs for rice. Or, more specifically, a wasabi-based product for repelling insects that would otherwise want to enjoy your rice. Put the packets in a bin containing up to 30kg of rice and you're good to go.
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Wow, cool - is there a specific name for them? There was also a shiso/chili version as well - I assume that's more for fun than flavour?
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The display type says 米びつ(こめびつ, komebitsu, rice storage bin) 虫よけ(むしよけ, mushi-yoke, insect repellent). "Just stick this inside your rice bin and it'll protect your delicious rice from bugs, mildew, etc."

It's a new product to me: I've never seen it, and don't know how/whether it works. I love shiso, though, so if the other version imparts some flavor, I'll have to try it.
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I'll be sure to let you know! Thanks so much!
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They don't impart flavor. And both shiso/chili and wasabi are things that keep little critters away.
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