Trying to find a (french?) old comedy book
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I'm trying to find an old comedy book where the protagonist had to spend a large sum of money in a limited period of time. Somehow things always went wrong and the protagonist found himself with more and more money. Another character was following the protagonist to make sure he was spending the large sum.

Possibly the book is from a french author.
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Best answer: Brewster's Millions isn't French, but it is funny.
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Response by poster: Answered in 4 mins, that has to be a new record.
Cheers and thanks!
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This is one of those story concepts that comes up from time to time, like the guy who deposits $1 in a bank account, then through compound interest his ancestor centuries later bankrupts the solar system by closing out his account.

In particular, there is a Benson episode where everyone in Jean Gatling's state government is desperate to spend a budget surplus so the federal government won't reduce their funding later. (It eventually ends with them just refusing to spend it and accepting less money.)
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Even though the question has already been answered, and this isn't the answer you were looking for anyway, I'd like to bring The Bumpkin Billionaires to everyone's attention. First appearing in 1974, they featured in 572 issues of British comic Whoopee!, and then continued in Whizzer and Chips and Buster until around 2000. Imagine that - over 1000 different ways of trying to lose money, only to end up getting more back than you started with. Surely somewhere in there is a foolproof method that could be used in the real world?
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Mark Twain's "The £1,000,000 Bank Note" has a character who has to survive in London for a month with a million-pound bill, as part of a bet between two rich guys (brothers). Because he arrived in London destitute, he has no other money. However, because nobody can change a million-pound note (and he can't go to the bank, because the bank already knows on whose account the note was drawn), he has to live the entire month on credit. Of course he soon finds out that if you have a million pounds to start with, people will fall over themselves to give you credit.
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