Good songs to play on slide?
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Guitar players -- what are some good country/folk/blues songs for a couple of intermediate acoustic players, one strumming or picking, the other accompanying on slide?

Like the Stones's mid-period acoustic blues, or "Willin'," or Old Crow Medicine Show's "Good Gal". Any more suggestions along these lines? Bias toward older traditional (or newer, very trad. rootsy sounding) songs.
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You Ain't Going Nowhere (Byrds version)
Got My Mojo Working
Key to the Highway
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Alternative to the Byrds are the Masterless Men.
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Missin' You (Lowell George)
Down in Mississippi (Pop Staples)
Little Sister (Ry Cooder version)

Ry Cooder has a great album "Paradise & Lunch" from which you could pull lots of good stuff and of course nick some great slide lines
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You can get some ideas from KeniLeeBurgess' youtube channel. I have more trouble finding songs I could play with a slide (with my poor skills,) so I'd look at slide guitar songs and see if I could play along finger style instead of the other way around.
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Another great example: Can't be Satisfied
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Windfall - Son Volt
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