Copy/Paste isn't copying/pasting formatting anymore.
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Copy/Paste isn't copying/pasting formatting anymore.

In and among all programs, all browsers. Was working fine. No new programs. Windows 7 desktop.

I used to be able to copy a block of text and photos from a browser, paste it in a word document, now only the raw text appears.

Within design programs (illustrator, quark, indesign...) Copy a piece of formatted text, paste it and only the raw text in the default style appears.

Copy formatted text, paste it into a rich text environment, only the raw text appears.

My laptop, also running Win7 is not effected, as of yet.
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There seem to be issues out there in Win 7 caused by apps that you may not associate with copying and pasting. For example, Skype seems to be something of a culprit in turning off the paste with formatting feature.

Another is an issue with InPrivate Browsing, but that is dependent on using Internet Explorer and certain versions of it at that.

One possible fix for MS Office might be in preferences.
In Word, Word Options should take care of this problem.
FILE(tab)>>OPTIONS>>ADVANCED>> Cut, Copy, Paste
In that window there are a number of copying and pasting options with regards to formatting.

However, the issue does not seem to be with the fact that the text is not pasting correctly as that it is not being copied correctly. If I find more I will post later.
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Done in one! Skype was the culprit.

Thanks, lampshade.
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